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Widely considered the most famous pop artist of all time, Andy Warhol’s contributions to modern art are among the most significant of anyone in the art community. Pop art is considered the presentation of images of everyday objects, including vacuum cleaners and soup cans, but was not confined to any particular medium. Warhol was adept in many mediums, including silk screening, sculpture, printmaking,, painting, hand drawing, film, and music.


Considered perhaps the greatest creative genius of the twentieth century, many have speculated where Warhol’s unique personality and amazing artistic eye came from. The artist himself credits a bout with Sydenham’s chorea, often believed to be a complication of Scarlet Fever, to be the time when he found his love his art. He was bedridden and found an outlet in drawing.


The illness was not the only struggle during Andy Warhol’s childhood. In addition to falling sick, Warhol was also an outlet at school and has said that his mother was his only friend growing up. His father died in an accident when he was only 13. Many art historians believe that in addition to the time to develop his skill that Warhol’s early struggles in childhood made him passionately believe in his own vision, ignore critics, and develop a resilient personality.


Andy Warhol went to the Carnegie Institute of Technology to become a commercial illustrator. He often created silk screens of commercial products for advertising which is where became fascinated with the idea of merging everyday objects and art. Towards the end of the 1950s, Warhol began exhibiting his private artwork in addition to his advertising, but his idea of pop art did not fully come to form until the early 1960s. In the 1960s his artwork portraying Coca-Cola bottles, electric chairs, and Soup Cans became popular. He also began painting celebrates like Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor in his signature style.


During most of his successful career, Andy Warhol produced his art at his New York Studio called “The Factory.” The studio was a metaphorical home to Warhol along with a number of other artists, creative-types, and wealthy patrons. “The Factory” was a staple of popular culture in New York City in the 1960s. Couples with frequent trips to Studio 54 and a number of openly gay participants, including Warhol himself, “The Factory” served as an important social enterprise as well as an artistic one. Andy Warhol’s role in pop culture was both figurative and literal- he painted it, but also lived the lifestyle and played an active personal role in pop culture.


The largest Andy Warhol exhibit exists in his home city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is called The Andy Warhol Museum. It is largest museum dedicated to any single artist in the United States. Warhol’s 1963 canvas Eight Elvises sold for $100 million in 2009, and Warhol’s works are commonly regarded as some of the most expensive art ever sold.


Andy Warhol was a unique artist. Fascinated by pop culture, he both captures it on canvas and lived it on the streets. During his lifetime he made an important place for himself in art history and is still remembered as the most important artist of the twentieth century. His artwork both moved the discipline or art forward and provided an important critique on popular culture


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