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The Creation of Man

The Biblical Message

Chagall began working on the Biblical Message in the early fifties, first to make life at Calvary Chapel in Vence, where he lived between 1949 and 1966. With the progress of the work, he prefers to detach all of a particular religion, and finally decided to offer it to the French government in 1966.

The cycle includes twelve paintings depicting Genesis and Exodus, the first two books of the Bible, and a set of five paintings depicting the Song of Songs.

For the first twelve, Chagall chose to illustrate, with high accuracy compared to the biblical text, the episodes that highlight the relationship between man and God.

The distribution of the paintings on the walls of the room where they are exposed, does not follow the historical development of these episodes, but relies on formal and religious connections. It was decided by the artist himself.

The Creation of Man

The table is organized into two registers as altar classical paintings, which he had to be in the original project for the chapel of Calvary de Vence.

Up in the sky flooded with yellow light, the sun spinning, the colors evoke Orphism of Delaunay, Chagall experienced in Paris in his training, resulting in his wheel the Jewish people and episodes of biblical history. Christ on the Cross is one of them: his loins are girded shawl worn by Jews in the synagogue, it is for the Chagall sacrificed Jew who appears in his painting with the beginnings of World War II.

In the lower register, an angel bearing Adam abandoned in his arms emerging from the primordial ocean where Chagall represented animals, created before man. The features of the angel, like wearing pants, emphasize the identification of the artist with it: it thus establishing itself as creator and bearer of the divine message.

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